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About Us

A soldier of the U.S. Army sits on a porch, surrounded by family

Who Buys a Challenger?

Families looking to upgrade and wanting more house to call home. They’re our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Moms and Dads looking for good homes in the right neighborhoods with exceptional schools for their children. First-time homebuyers giddy with excitement over every drop of paint and strip of sod. Folks whose kids are grown and are looking to right-size. Families coping with a family member with a disability. Returning combat veterans. Single moms looking for an affordable home. Challenger homes are for everyone; by keeping our customers in mind, Challenger Homes helps create the ideal home for you in your unique situation.

Want to learn more?

Exterior of a two-story Challenger home

Why Is It so Special?

A Challenger Home makes life better. Sometimes it’s the included extras or it’s the little things one may not even notice. In every facet of every home, the commitment is clear. Making life better by offering outstanding value, building more house to call home, designed around the customer at an affordable price and constructed by a builder you can trust. That’s making life better. That’s Challenger Homes!

The Challenger Story

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2000 by Brian and Heather Bahr and literally started out of a garage and just one home site, Challenger Homes has grown into one of Colorado Springs’ premier and best-selling homebuilders through adherence to strong core values, plenty of elbow grease, and an unending commitment to its customers.

Brick by Brick

In 2017 Challenger Homes joined the Green Brick Partners family. Green Brick acquires and develops land, provides land and construction financing to its partner builders. They provide expertise and capital to build neighborhoods with timeless, classic architecture interwoven with the latest technological advancements, and in turn provide a superior long term return for their investors, residents, and cities in which they build in. Green Brick Partners currently operates in Texas, Georgia, Colorado, and Florida.

The Journey Forward

From starting out in a garage, to becoming one of the top builders in Southern Colorado, and now part of one of the strongest new home builder brands in the nation, Challenger Homes has maintained a consistent commitment to one central idea: making life better. More than just a homebuilder, Challenger Homes seeks to make life better for customers, trade partners, employees, investors, and the community.

Exploring your new home journey? We’re here for you!
We’re here for you!

Exploring the next steps on your new home journey? Our friendly and talented team are here to make your experience fun and easy!