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Design Studio

modern kitchen featuring granite countertops, dark wood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances

Express Yourself

One of the best parts about building a brand-new home with Challenger is the ability to personalize your home; its all about choices for you! Choosing your own finishes is a huge reason many folks build a brand-new home instead of getting a used one. Rather than having to put up with the preferences of a previous owner, you get your home your way. Every choice is yours to make. Take a generic floor plan and add the elements that make it a home for you and your family. You get to pick the upgrades and options that matter to you. You get to express yourself through a color palette and finishes that make your home one-of-a-kind.

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a designer shuffles through paint swatches

Design By Challenger

Once you finalize your floor plan and home site the next step in the building process is your Design Consultation. It’s time to make all those decisions about colors, flooring, lighting, cabinets, and countertops. This meeting is held either at the Design Studio in our corporate office or at the model home in the neighborhood where you are building your new home. Some homebuilders view the design process as a profit center, utilizing commission sales people to up-sell and over-sell customers. At Challenger Homes it’s all about making life better. That is why we use salaried design professionals in our Design Studio whose only mission is to help you craft your house into your home, meeting all of your needs, many of your wants and helping you stay within your budget.

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The Design Studio Process

Step One

Review Floor Plan & Contract – Go over the floor plan you selected and additional options you added at the time of your contract.

Step Two

Exterior Options – Go ahead, Rembrandt, choose your stunning exterior color palette.

Step Three

Kitchen Options – Select your cabinets, countertops, hardware, backsplash, plumbing and other options for the kitchen you desire.

Step Four

Lighting Options – From task lighting to recessed cans, pendants to chandeliers; the lighting you choose helps showcase your beautiful home.

Step Five

Flooring Options – Choose your carpet style and color along with any tile, vinyl or hardwood.

Step Six

Electrical Options – Knowing where you want your ceiling fan, home theater, surround sound, or security system is a lot easier in the beginning.

Step Seven

Interior Trim – Select interior paint, doors, hardware, window sills, stair rails and other interior trim options that add the final polish to your new home.

Step Eight

Wrap-Up – Finalize and sign-off on all your selections. For many, the Design experience is the most fun and exciting part of the new home building process. So let loose, have fun and make your new home the castle of your dreams.

Exploring your new home journey? We’re here for you!
We’re here for you!

Exploring the next steps on your new home journey? Our friendly and talented team are here to make your experience fun and easy!